Sheepshead Bay Speedway

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Sheepshead Baynr. BrooklynNew YorkUSA
lat: +40.5928 lng: -73.9439

Sheepshead Bay Speedway 31455 b

2 mi.  wood ovalr10/9/1915-9/20/19 defunct

Sheepshead Bay Speedway 31455 a

1 mi.  dirt ovalr1902-04, 8/25/10 defunct
horse track



Sheepshead Bay Speedway
1 1902-00-00 track 'a'
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
2 1903-00-00 track 'a'
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
3 1904-00-00 track 'a'
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
4 1910-08-25 track 'a'
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
5 1915-10-09 track 'b' AAA Champ, 300 ci max. Vincent Astor Cup
1-Gil Andersen, 2-Tom Rooney, 3-Eddie O'Donnell, 4-Tom Alley, 5-Pete Henderson, 6-Carl Limberg
175 laps; 20 starters/8 finishers; Harry Grant killed in practice
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
6 1915-11-02 track 'b' AAA Champ, invitational Harry Harkness Gold Medal Race
1-Dario Resta, 2-Bob Burman, 3-Eddie Rickenbacher
50 laps; 6 starters/3 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
7 1916-05-02 track 'b' stock; 24 hrs.
1-Ralph Mulford
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
8 1916-05-13 track 'b' AAA Champ Coney Island Cup
1-Johnny Aitken, 2-Josef Christiæns, 3-Carl Limberg, 4-Eddie Rickenbacher, 5-Pete Henderson, 6-Jules DeVigne
10 laps; 13 starters/10 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
9 1916-05-13 track 'b' AAA Champ Queens Cup
1-Ralph Mulford, 2-Charles Devlin, 3-Aldo Franchi, 4-Carl Limberg, 5-Jules DeVigne
25 laps; 9 starters/5 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
10 1916-05-13 track 'b' AAA National Champ Metropolitan Trophy
1-Eddie Rickenbacher, 2-Jules DeVigne, 3-Ira Vail, 4-Charles Devlin, 5-George Adams, 6-Bert Watson
75 laps; 10 starters/6 finishers; fatal: Carl Limberg
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
11 1916-09-30 track 'b' AAA National Champ Vincent Astor Cup
1-Johnny Aitken, 2-Eddie Rickenbacher, 3-Ira Vail, 4-Jack LeClain, 5-Eddie Pullen, 6-Art Klein
125 laps; 31 starters/14 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
12 1916-10-28 track 'b' AAA
1-Jules DeVigne
25 laps
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
13 1916-10-28 track 'b' AAA National Champ Harry Harkness Trophy
1-Johnny Aitken, 2-Frank Galvin, 3-Howdy Wilcox, 4-Pete Henderson, 5-Earl DeVore, 6-James Benedict
50 laps; 26 starters/12 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
14 1917-08-19 track 'b' AAA
1-Ralph DePalma
50 laps, run in 10,15+25 lap segments
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
15 1917-09-22 track 'b' AAA Champ, 300 ci max. Harry Harkness Trophy
1-Louis Chevrolet, 2-Ralph DePalma, 3-Eddie Hearne, 4-Ralph Mulford, 5-Ira Vail, 6-Denny Hickey
50 laps; 18 starters/14 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
16 1918-06-01 track 'b' AAA
1-Louis Chevrolet
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
17 1918-06-01 track 'b' AAA Champ Harry Harkness Handicap
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Tommy Milton, 3-Barney Oldfield, 4-Eddie Hearne, 5-Denny Hickey, 6-Ira Vail
50 laps
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
18 1918-08-17 track 'b' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Ralph Mulford, 3-Dario Resta, 4-Ira Vail
15 laps; 4 starters/4 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
19 1918-08-17 track 'b' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Dario Resta, 3-Ralph Mulford
10 laps; 4 starters/3 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
20 1918-08-17 track 'b' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Dario Resta, 3-Ralph Mulford, 4-Ira Vail
25 laps; 4 starters/4 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
21 1919-00-00 track 'b' sprint
1-Eddie Hearne
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
22 1919-06-14 track 'b' AAA Champ International Sweepstakes
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Dave Lewis, 3-Joe Boyer, 4-Joe Thomas, 5-Denny Hickey, 6-Tommy Milton
25 laps; 8 starters/6 finishers; heat winners: Tommy Milton, Ralph Mulford, Ralph Mulford
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
23 1919-07-04 track 'b' AAA Champ Independence Day Sweepstakes
1-Gaston Chevrolet, 2-Howdy Wilcox, 3-Dave Lewis, 4-Ira Vail, 5-Eddie O'Donnell, 6-Denny Hickey
50 laps; 11 starters/8 finishers
Sheepshead Bay Speedway
24 1919-09-20 track 'b' AAA Champ
1-Gaston Chevrolet, 2-Joe Boyer/Eddie O'Donnell, 3-Ira Vail, 4-Art Klein, 5-Toland Nicholson, 6-Denny Hickey
75 laps; 13 starters/8 finishers