Chicago Speedway

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Maywoodnr. ChicagoIllinoisUSA
at 9th Ave+12th St, on NW side of Chicago
site of Hines Memorial Hospital after WWI, later Edward J.Hines Veterans Hospital

Chicago Speedway 16444 a
aka: Speedway Park
2 mi.  wood ovalr6/26/1915-7/28/18 defunct



Chicago Speedway
1 1915-06-26 track 'a' AAA Champ Chicago Derby
1-Dario Resta, 2-Jean Porporato, 3-Eddie Rickenbacher, 4-Earl Cooper, 5-Harry Grant, 6-Gil Andersen
250 laps; 21 starters/15 finishers
Chicago Speedway
2 1915-08-07 track 'a' AAA Champ, 600 ci max. Challenge Cup Match Race
1-Dario Resta, 2-Earl Cooper, 3-Bob Burman, 4-Barney Oldfield
50 laps; 4 starters/4 finishers
Chicago Speedway
3 1916-06-11 track 'a' AAA National Champ Chicago Derby
1-Dario Resta, 2-Ralph DePalma, 3-Josef Christiæns, 4-Eddie O'Donnell, 5-Frank Galvin, 6-Ira Vail
150 laps; 21 starters/13 finishers
Chicago Speedway
4 1916-06-18 track 'a' AAA
1-Dario Resta
25 laps
Chicago Speedway
5 1916-08-19 track 'a' AAA Champ Speedway GP
1-Dario Resta, 2-Dave Lewis, 3-George Buzane, 4-Frank Galvin, 5-Wilbur d'Alene
25 laps; 5 starters/5 finishers
Chicago Speedway
6 1916-10-14 track 'a' AAA National Champ Grand American Auto Race
1-Dario Resta, 2-Johnny Aitken, 3-Eddie Rickenbacher, 4-Dave Lewis, 5-Pete Henderson, 6-Frank Galvin
125 laps; 19 starters/12 finishers
Chicago Speedway
7 1917-06-16 track 'a' AAA
1-Percy Ford
50 laps
Chicago Speedway
8 1917-06-16 track 'a' AAA Champ War Derby
1-Earl Cooper, 2-Ralph Mulford, 3-Cliff Durant, 4-Eddie Hearne, 5-Walter Haines, 6-Pete Henderson
125 laps; 27 starters/17 finishers
Chicago Speedway
9 1917-09-03 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Louis Chevrolet, 2-Dave Lewis, 3-Ralph DePalma, 4-Pete Henderson, 5-Tom Alley, 6-Harold Trackus
50 laps; 7 starters/6 finishers
Chicago Speedway
10 1917-09-03 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Dave Lewis, 3-Gaston Chevrolet, 4-Pete Henderson, 5-Tom Alley
25 laps; 7 starters/5 finishers
Chicago Speedway
11 1917-10-13 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Tom Alley, 2-Gaston Chevrolet, 3-Ralph Mulford, 4-Dave Lewis, 5-Gil Anderson, 6-Tommy Milton
10 laps; 8 starters/6 finishers
Chicago Speedway
12 1917-10-13 track 'a' AAA Champ, 231-300 ci
1-Ralph Mulford, 2-Gil Anderson, 3-Tom Alley, 4-Tommy Milton, 5-Dave Lewis
25 laps; 6 starters/5 finishers
Chicago Speedway
13 1917-10-13 track 'a' AAA Champ, 231-300 ci
1-Pete Henderson, 2-Ralph Mulford
25 laps; 6 starters/2 finishers
Chicago Speedway
14 1918-06-22 track 'a' AAA Champ, handicap Chicago 100
1-Louis Chevrolet, 2-Ralph Mulford, 3-Ira Vail
50 laps; 14 starters
Chicago Speedway
15 1918-07-28 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Dario Resta, 3-Ralph Mulford, 4-Louis Chevrolet
10 laps; 5 starters/4 finishers
Chicago Speedway
16 1918-07-28 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Louis Chevrolet
15 laps; 5 starters/2 finishers
Chicago Speedway
17 1918-07-28 track 'a' AAA Champ
1-Ralph DePalma, 2-Louis Chevrolet, 3-Dario Resta, 4-Ralph Mulford
5 laps; 4 starters/4 finishers