Brainerd International Raceway

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lat: +46.4188 lng: -94.2768

Brainerd International Raceway 11207 a
aka: Colonel's Brainerd International Raceway, Donnybrooke International Speedway
2.5 mi.  paved road circuitr8/11/1968-2003, s04-05, r06, s07-09, r10-12 active
3 mi. (1968-c2007)

Brainerd International Raceway 11207 b
aka: Mud Lake
1 mi.  ice road circuitr1/12/2008-2/3/08, cn 09 inactive
IIRA (2008)



Donnybrooke Int'l Speedway
1 1970-09-27 track 'a' Canadian-American Challenge Cup
1-Denny Hulme, 2-Peter Gethin, 3-Peter Revson, 4-Jim Adams, 5-Chris Amon, 6-Lothar Motschenbacher, 7-Tony Dean, 8-Dave Causey, 9-Pedro Rodríguez, 10-Peter Gregg
70 laps
Donnybrooke Int'l Speedway
2 1971-09-12 track 'a' Canadian-American Challenge Cup
1-Peter Revson, 2-Denny Hulme, 3-Gregg Young, 4-Vic Elford, 5-Jo Siffert, 6-Jackie Stewart, 7-Milt Minter, 8-Bobby Brown, 9-Hiroshi Kazato, 10-Bob Nagel
70 laps
Donnybrooke Int'l Speedway
3 1972-09-17 track 'a' Canadian-American Challenge Cup
1-François Cevert, 2-Milt Minter, 3-Jackie Oliver, 4-George Follmer, 5-John Cordts, 6-Lothar Motschenbacher, 7-Ed Felter, 8-Bob Nagel, 9-Pete Sherman, 10-Tom Heyser
70 laps
Brainerd Int'l Raceway
4 1979-08-19 track 'a' SCCA Can-Am Challenge
1-Jacky Ickx, 2-Elliott Forbes-Robinson, 3-Bobby Rahal, 4-Geoff Lees (dnf), 5-Bill Tempero, 6-Michael Allen, 7-Mike Hall, 8-Tim Evans, 9-Randolph Townsend (dnf), 10-Gary Gove
40 laps; 9 finishers
Brainerd Int'l Raceway
5 1980-08-10 track 'a' SCCA Can-Am Challenge
1-Patrick Tambay, 2-Al Holbert, 3-Elliott Forbes-Robinson, 4-Bobby Rahal, 5-Danny Sullivan, 6-Geoff Brabham, 7-Rocky Moran, 8-Ricardo Londono, 9-Bobby Brown, 10-Michael Allen
40 laps
Brainerd Int'l Raceway
6 1984-07-22 track 'a' SCCA Can-Am Challenge Governor's Cup
1-Michael Roe, 2-Horst Kroll, 3-Kim Campbell, 4-Eddie Wachs, 5-Jerry Hansen (dnf)
40 laps