Although this mammoth research project is still in its early stages, a substantial number of sources have already been utilized in creating a solid foundation upon which this site will be constructed over time. In fact, there are too many to recall (including hundreds of track, series and other web sites) and a complete listing here is not possible. However, the following sources provided the vast majority of information gathered. This list will be updated as significant info is derived from additional sources in the future.


  • I have had the great fortune to acquire the work of the late race historian, Wilson Davis, who compiled over many years a massive collection of data on race winners, covering the period from the beginning of auto racing through 1984. Mr. Davis collected this info from a large number of sources, which may eventually be listed here. My eventual goal is to transfer all of this data to the Auto Racing Records database and continue to add to it. This will be an ongoing process and will take many years to accomplish.





  • F1 Mecanica Argentina
  • Historia de las Carreras de Autos en Mexico--Joaqun Solana
  • Le Mans & Formula 2 Register--Stefan rnerdal
  • New Zealand Motor Racing--Bruce Sergent
  • Pro Formula Pages--Seppo Pitknen
  • The Grand-Prix Winners--Jean-Paul Gleize
  • World Championship Grand Prix 1906-1949
  • World Sports Racing Prototypes--Martin Krejci

    SPECIAL THANKS must also be given to Roland Vanden Eynde for sharing his vast database of tracks and other internet research findings, to Guy Smith for compiling the first sets of racefan track lists and also to all the members of the TrackChasers group and other auto racing enthusiasts who've shared their first hand experiences and individual research over the years.