The concept behind Auto Racing Records has been a dream of mine for many years. I've often wondered what it would be like to put together a set of books listing information on every race track in the world, every series, every major race and every winning driver. I still have that dream, but a more logical choice was for me to compile information and present it as a web site.

Being involved with my other site, TrackChaser, for a number of years and having researched worldwide auto racing venues for over a decade, gave me a headstart on compiling historical track info and thus that is the one section of this site that is well underway. I also transferred the series over from TrackChaser, but I am basically starting from scratch on that and the other sections. Suffice to say a huge amount of work lies ahead in every category. The entire site will be eternally "under construction".

Tracks are mainly divided into countries at the moment. Due to the large volume of tracks in the US, Canada and the UK, plus the fact that I already have the regions entered for them, tracks in these 3 countries are divided by region as well. Eventually I plan to have regions and subregions listed for the tracks in many more countries.

Tracks are listed under the country they were in at the time of operation. For example, Circuit du Maroc (1925-30) is found on the France page, whereas Circuit de la Cornice (1968-73) is listed under Morocco. Tracks that ran under more than one country (e.g. Ain Diab) are listed under both, but more detailed info is found under the most recent country (Morocco in this case).

I decided to limit accuracy of track lengths to within .01 miles or kilometers. Presently the lengths are given in one or the other, but I intend to convert and list all tracks under both scales in the future.

Regarding track surfaces, the dirt category encompasses all loose surfaces (dirt, clay, gravel, grass, etc.). Mixed indicates a combination of dirt and paved surfaces, usually a rallycross circuit. The terms "ice" and "frozen" are meant to indicate whether a track is formed on a body of water (ice) or on an ice or snow covered dirt or paved surface (frozen).

As for track types, an oval is meant to indicate a track in which all turns are in the same direction, although a few tracks with one slight opposite turn are listed as ovals. I've decided to consider any track that takes place on public roads, whether on city streets, country roads or in a park, a "street" track. Generally, purpose-built circuits are listed as "road" tracks, however those that are a mixture are usually included under the street category.

Currently listed under the track notes are many of the years that different series or race car types competed at the track, along with the first and/or last known winner. These are temporary listings and they are meant to be transferred to the "races" section in the future.

Some types of kart-based classes of racing, such as outlaw karts, micro stocks and champ karts, were being used to set the active status of some tracks in the past. This was done in conjunction with the relevant classes of the TrackChasers group. Future updates of the track data will see racing for these classes moved to the 'z' status (karts, motorcycles, or other motorsport).

I hope you enjoy looking over the wealth of data that is being compiled here and I invite you to return often and see what has been added.

Will White